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Lucy Buckham, 17/07/2015 wearing Orange Blossom by Ian Stuart
Helen Slater, 23/05/2015 wearing Willow by Jenny Packham
Helen Slater, 23/05/2015 wearing LM2464B by Lusan Mandongus
Jo Harrop, 21/08/2015 wearing Saville by Ian Stuart
Jo Dennis, 20/06/2015 wearing Midsummer dream by Ian Stuart
Kate Roberts, 28/12/2013 wearing Ruby by Jenny Packham
Caroline Whiting, 24/05/2013 wearing LM2068B by Annasul Y
Vanessa Knight, 07/09/2013 wearing LM2549B by Lusan Mandongus
Emma Humphries, 06/09/2013 wearing LM1537B by Annasul Y
Verity Astins, 04/10/2013 wearing Gina by Ritva Westenius
Amy Burger, 19/10/2013 wearing LM2496B by Lusan Mandongus
Colette Todd, 27/12/2013 wearing Sable by Ian Stuart
Kathryn Kirk, 16/08/2014 wearing Azalea by Jenny Packham
Stephanie Shaw, 24/10/2014 wearing Vivien by Jenny Packham
Helen Baxter, 20/12/2014 wearing Aurora by Annasul Y
Laura Owen, 04/10/2014 wearing Esme by Jenny Packham
Emma Perrin, 28/03/2015 wearing Hepburn by Ritva Westenius
Jane Broomhall, 21/06/2015 wearing LM1537B by Annasul Y
Gayle Whittaker, 31/08/2015 wearing Evangilista by Ian Stuart