What is a designer day and why are they useful?

I have been asked this question a lot since I started holding designer events at Lillya Grace Bridal Boutique:-

What is a Designer Day?

A designer day generally means that a boutique will loan a large selection of samples from one of the designer collections stocked within the boutique. You may not realise if you are new to the wedding world, but bridal boutiques only carry around a 3rd of a labels collection. During designer events Boutiques tend to run special promotions for orders received over that weekend along with offering expert advice on all of the gowns.

Why go?

Use a designer day to your advantage, it is that unlikely that you will come across a boutique that stocks all of your favourite gowns from your chosen designer, it makes choosing “The One” a lot easier as most if not all of your favourite gowns will be available on the day. However don’t presume that your favourite style will be in store, ring ahead and check with the boutique if it will be there. If not ask the Boutique to request the gown in, just don’t leave your request until the day before the event.

Don’t go if

The designer is out of your budget, do some research and ask questions before making an appointment, it’s always good to find out if your favourite styles are within your budget.

If you’re not ready to make a commitment to buying your gown or you haven’t heard of the designer as these events have limited space available. Only make an appointment if you’re sure on the designer.

Designer Day Golden Rules

There are a few golden rules that I have learned from doing designer events. The list is not long, but it’s here to help. Designer events can be very overwhelming for the unprepared bride. The brides generally get themselves in a bit of flap and don’t enjoy what should be a very fun and exciting day! Brides who do their homework, tend to have a wonderful experience, and leave on a bridal high found their “dream dress”.



Last but not least as this one’s important ladies

Don’t take to many people with you, it’s extremely difficult to take on board what everyone is saying and stay true to yourself at the same time, this is supposed to be a special moment so you don’t want any negative vibes. Pick one person that you can really trust to tell you the truth, you’ll both have a fab time, and you’ll build a closer relationship with the consultant as she doesn’t have to try and make herself heard over the many different opinions.